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Ahelhe Ampekenhe - the story of Children's Ground

This beautiful painting, by artist Amunda Gorey, Lytyentye Apurte, tells the story of Children's Ground. Teacher and cultural consultant Jane Davis describes its narrative.



This is how I see Children’s Ground.

The semicircular shape in this painting represents ilthe/ampere which means a home, where we live. This picture represents a home and community. 

The little curved shapes in the semicircle represent people, the larger shapes are adults, the smaller shapes are children. They are all within that home, within that community, and in Children’s Ground itself. People sitting around a fire. 

The footprints leading from the outer circle to the centre are the families and communities interacting with Children’s Ground. The footprints show the interaction between children, families, homes and communities and Children’s Ground – sharing, caring and togetherness. That is one of the most important things about Children’s Ground – the interactions. The footprints are going two ways. People are coming and going all the time. They are interacting. It represents the building of a relationship too, between all these children, families, homes, communities and Children’s Ground. 

Within Children’s Ground we have two-way learning. Children are learning Indigenous language and culture and Western language and culture.

The blue circles in the corners represent graduated students from Children’s Ground. The graduated students will have a good future. They will have a choice. They have had all those experiences and the knowledge they have gathered through Children’s Ground. This will enable them to have real choices. They will have the opportunity to seek out jobs in different places, whether it be in their own community, or the wider Australia community, or overseas, it could be anywhere. It will be his or her choice. 

Wherever they live maybe they will have their own children and begin the cycle again. This will prevent them from going back into the way of life we have now.

The little half circles are the investors and partners of Children’s Ground. The footprints show the coming together, the interaction, of all the parts of Children’s Ground. The families, the homes and the communities. The funding and support is coming to the community from the investors and partners. And we give back information about what is happening in our community, showing the improvement and enrichment in the health and life of the children, families and communities. 

The picture also shows the ownership. The families and communities will have ownership of Children’s Ground through all that impatya, all those footprints. They will have input, they will have a say in everything that is happening in Children’s Ground.

Jane Davis
Teacher and Cultural Consultant
Children’s Ground

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