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About Us

Children’s Ground is a new system developed to respond to the social, cultural and economic determinants for long term wellbeing for children and families.

Why Children's Ground?

Despite significant economic growth, pockets of extreme intergenerational poverty and inequity remain across Australia. Decades of extensive government and non-government programs and services have failed to overcome Australia’s greatest humanitarian crisis.

In fact, the situation has deteriorated for many of these communities.

Why? The current suite of services and programs tend to be poorly funded, short-term, crisis-driven, and operate in silos. This approach fails families who have multiple needs and require support from a range of services over long periods of time. It also fails to address the core problem: the cycle of intergenerational poverty and inequity.

The Children’s Ground model has been developed to be a new approach.

It is not a program, or a quick fix.

We take an integrated, locally-led and designed approach in communities experiencing extreme poverty and inequity, combining international best-practice with deep grassroots experience, resourced at a level that enables excellence in learning, wellbeing and development.

We look beyond 'the problem' and see the people. We believe in, and harness, the ability of the community and their cultural knowledge systems: building and walking with communities where children can grow up strong both ways.

In doing so, we can break the cycle of intergenerational poverty and inequity in Australia’s most disadvantaged communities.

We work to a strong vision, strategy and set of values, drawing inspiration from a beautiful painting called Ahelhe Ampekenhe or 'Children's Ground', by artist Amunda Gorey.

We've been operational now since 2011, when Children's Ground was founded by our Chair, William Tilmouth and our CEO, Jane Vadiveloo.

We are advised by some incredible people on our Board, have support from some wonderful partners, receive valuable guidance from our Research Advisory Board and seek inspiration from our amazing ambassadors.

Our vision and values

The change we want to see, how we are working to achieve it and the values that guide us as we go about our work with our partner communities.


Our history

Our CEO, Jane Vadiveloo, and our Chair, William Tilmouth, founded Children's Ground with the belief that all children should be able to grow into adulthood with control over their own future.


Chair's message

William Tilmouth was born in Alice Springs and is of Arrernte descent. A member of the stolen generations, William was taken to Croker Island where he lived and attended school with many other children.


Our Board

The Children’s Ground Board of Directors provides leadership and accountability. They possess the capacity and tenacity to pioneer an ambitious change agenda.


Our partners

Children's Ground would like to thank and recognise the support of our friends and partners.


Ahelhe Ampekenhe - the story of Children's Ground

This beautiful painting by artist Amunda Gorey tells the story of Children's Ground.


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