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We are breaking the cycle. We are changing the system. 

We are Children's Ground.

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Walk With Us!

Bring your friends, families, colleagues and teams together to share and celebrate the year that was. This is also the perfect time to give back to the broader community and the causes that matter the most.

Children’s Ground, in partnership with Eventbrite, is making it even easier for you to integrate social giving into your end of year events. Now, your guests can register for an event and donate to Children’s Ground all in the same place. 

Collectively, we can make a real difference in the lives of First Nations children and families. Together with Children's Ground, these families are creating a future where the next generation can grow up with the opportunities that all children in Australia deserve, with family by their side and with their language, culture and identity celebrated. 

Get involved. It's Easy!

Integrate social giving into your end of year event

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How does it work?


Step 1: Register your event online

Complete the online form, download our resource kit and learn more about the change you can make with your end of year event.

Step 2: Create your event page

Keep an eye out for an email in your inbox from Children's Ground and Eventbrite. This will give you access to your event page in draft form.  


Step 3: Promote the event!

Edit, publish and promote your event! Your friends, family, and colleagues can register and make a donation directly via the Eventbrite page. 100% of every donation goes directly to Children's Ground so that you can make the biggest impact possible. 


Step 4: Hold the event!

A resource kit will be delivered to you in the mail. Use the information cards to place around your event. 


Walk With Us 

And celebrate 2018 by giving hope and opportunity

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