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Evaluation and research

The Children’s Ground approach is underpinned by research and experience and is tracked through a 25-year longitudinal evaluation.

The evidence confirms that the greatest return on investment in social and economic terms is achieved by starting early with children (before school age).

We will be guided by but not limited by the evidence. We are partnering with key organisations to undertake research and evaluation to measure our approach and the economic, social, health and cultural impact of our work over time, against community, government and international benchmarks.

Our evaluation framework


Our research will contribute practical evidence about how we redress complex and extreme disadvantage in Australia and globally.

This longitudinal evaluation, now under way, is a critical element in our work. Over time, we will track the quality and impact of our work. This will allow us to report back to the community, our investors and partners, and to build evidence towards an approach that will address extreme disadvantage in the long term.

Outcomes are being monitored and assessed in nine key areas across children, family and community. Our evaluation is informed by:

  • Regular monitoring and data capture;
  • Analysing administrative data sets for the region;
  • Participatory processes with community input in design; and
  • Creating individualised learning and wellbeing plans.

We will conduct topic-specific research including 'nested' studies to support development of our approach. Our first detailed outcomes report will be published in April 2016.

Our Research Advisory Group

We work with respected researchers and academics who have extensive experience conducting research and evaluation projects in Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal community settings. Their areas of expertise include child development, early years and primary school education, health and wellbeing, family wellbeing and community led research and development.

Find out more about our Research Advisory Group

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