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What we are doing

At Children’s Ground, we decided that the status quo was unacceptable.

The health, education and wellbeing of children requires a radically new approach. For our most vulnerable children, the status quo is that they will become statistics - and we can't allow this to happen. They are our beautiful children, brimming with talent and joy and open to all the possibilities the world might deliver.

So, we undertook a radical rethink.

We devised a 25-year, intergenerational approach for children and the communities where they live. We tackle the social, structural and economic factors that allow children and communities to continue living in extreme poverty - and together we enable positive change for a new generation.

How do we do this?

We work with the child, their family, and the whole community, to achieve academic, social, family, cultural, economic and emotional wellbeing. Education and opportunity are at the very heart of our approach, which involves working with Traditional Owners and Elders as they lead the way in implementing our Children's Ground Platform, which focuses on five key areas.

Learning and wellbeing

Stage 1: Early years and primary aged (growing as the children grow)
Stage 2: Primary school age

Family health and wellbeing

  • Health education and promotion (integrating with learning and culture)
  • Family health planning and support, including maternal and early childhood health
  • Nutrition
  • Social and emotional wellbeing services with a focus on responding to trauma
  • First Nations health and wellbeing practices
  • Environmental health
  • Consumer control and health literacy

Everything is connected in health

 Health relates to people's physical, social and emotional wellbeing in the context of their culture, connections with environment, people and place and the cycles of life and death. We recognise First Nations health and wellbeing practices including connection to land, language, dance, bush foods, bush medicines, story, ceremony, relationships and responsibility. We continue to work with members of the community as they define the scope of our role in these areas.

Economic development and wellbeing

  • Employment
  • Training
  • Enterprise
  • Curriculum and skills development for future employment

Cultural and creative development and wellbeing

  • Creative arts in learning
  • Art for therapy
  • Art for enteprise
  • Music and dance and visiting artists program
  • First Nations cultural knowledge and practice

Community development and wellbeing

  • A multigenerational Community Centre
  • Community governance and engagement
  • Support for the role of young men and women in strengthening community wellbeing
  • Celebrations
  • Events that strengthen the social fabric, promoting safety and wellbeing
  • Celebrating local knowledge and history

This is what First Nations parents and grandparents have been asking for and working to achieve - for decades.

This is what we demand of ourselves to deliver, in partnership with many, until that future is secure for all children in our country.


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