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Our work

Children’s Ground was established to work with communities experiencing disadvantage and inequity as they lead the way towards positive change.

We are focused initially on First Nations communities in Australia.

Children’s Ground’s first partnership has been with the Mirarr people of Kakadu West Arnhem in the Northern Territory, through their organisation the Gundjeihmi Aboriginal Corporation. 

We work with many clans across the Kakadu West Arnhem region. 

Children's Ground also has a long association with Arrernte Elders and families in Alice Springs, where the Children's Ground approach was first designed. We are currently in a community engagement process with families across four sites in the central Australian region with the aim of securing funding to establish Children's Ground and lay a new path of opportunity and hope for the next generation of Arrernte children.

Over the next three years we will invite partnership with other communities to scale Children’s Ground.

We will be an evidence base to lead major reform in the way we address extreme disadvantage across Australia. 

Where we work

We acknowledge and honour First Nations peoples, paying respect to Elders past and present as custodians of this land. We work in Jabiru on the lands of the Mirarr people, in Alice Springs on the lands of the Arrernte people and in Melbourne on the lands of Wurundjeri people of the Kulin Nation.


What we are doing

The health, education and wellbeing of children requires a radically new approach. For our most vulnerable children, the status quo is that they will become statistics we can't allow this to happen. They are our beautiful children, brimming with talent and joy and open to all the possibilities the world might deliver.


How we are doing it

The Bininj (Aboriginal people) of Kakadu West Arnhem are the first community we are working with. There are approximately 450 Bininj and 90 families in the region.


Our impact

We've been collecting testimonials from people we are working with in the community and from others we work and partner with.


What we are learning

As we work, we reflect constantly on what we do to try to ensure we are doing it the very best we can to deliver the highest level of excellence to those who need it the most.


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