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Our approach

How Children's Ground works to combat extreme disadvantage.

We believe that the status quo is unacceptable.

The health, education and wellbeing of children requires a radically new approach. For our most vulnerable children, the status quo is frightening. They will become statistics of child protection, prison, school failure, early death and disease, poor mental health and the welfare system.


To allow this to happen is unforgivable. They are our beautiful children, brimming with talent and joy and open to all the possibilities the world might deliver.

So, we undertook a radical rethink.

We came up with a 25-year approach that focuses on children and the communities where they live. We work with people as they lead the way to significantly improve their social, political, economic and cultural life.

This approach was built with considerable care and informed by years of experience. We have made a strong commitment to people living with extreme disadvantage to completely reform the system in which they live.

We operate under a set of key principles in the work that we do, using our Children's Ground Platform. We also evaluate and measure all of our work as we go. 


Our commitment to First Nations people

We respect and promote of the inherent rights of Australia's First Nations people. This includes but is not limited to political, economic and social structures, knowledge systems, traditions, histories and philosophies, including the rights to their lands, territories and resources. 

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Our theory of change

We have a general theory of change, which is informed by specific theories of change for what we think needs to shift at the community level, in the system and in society, in order for us to realise our vision. 


How we are reforming the system

The status quo is failing to address the devastating life experiences of children and families living with intergenerational inequity and disadvantage.


Our principles

All children should be able to grow, learn, and live in environments rich in opportunity, that builds the strength and identity of their community.


The Children's Ground Platform

We address the social, structural and economic factors needed to eradicate extreme poverty and create a positive life for members of a community.


Evaluating as we go

Our approach is underpinned by a substantial body of research and experience. The evidence confirms that the greatest return on investment is achieved by starting early with children.


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