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Stand with Us | Make a Change

Stop the treadmill that leads children into child welfare, youth detention, poor health and lifelong trauma. Together we can prevent this.

Stand with Us | Make a Change
Stand with Us | Make a Change

There is a struggle in this country. It is a struggle for our culture, identity and wellebing - the future of our children.

We are 3% of the Australian population and yet our children and young people make up 54% of the children in juvenile detention. In the Northern Territory, 97% of young people in detention are Aboriginal.

Our young people are falling out of schools and filling our prisons. Our children are falling through the cracks of the broken system.

We need to stop the treadmill that leads children into child welfare, detention, poor health and lifelong trauma. Together, we can prevent this. We can make a change. 

Every family at Children's Ground lives with economic poverty, poor health, cultural exclusion and overcrowding. Every day our families struggle. And yet, every day we rise determined to create a better life for ourselves, our families and the next generation. 

We are elders, parents, young people and families. We are teaching our children, we are working for their future, we are walking with them. We are protecting our language and culture. We are building opportunities for the future. Our families are feeling hope for the first time in a very long time.

We want the best for our children.
It is possible to end the struggle but we cannot do it alone. 
We have the solutions. We are standing up. We are making the change.

Your gift is powerful. It gives us belief, it tells us that we are not alone, it inspires us. Your gift will give our children the best start in life and it allows us to hold our culture in our hands.

William Tilmouth

Senior Arrernte Elder and Chairperson, Children's Ground


Your gift will be used for: 

  • Teaching our little ones in first language and culture and in English.
  • Making sure our kids are healthy through nutrition, supporting babies and parents and supporting families to deal with kids health issues like hearing loss.
  • Community empowerment – supporting our elders and creating the space for local leadership and decision-making.
  • Employment for young people, adults and elders who really want to work but find it hard to get employment
  • Our own research and evaluation about our children and their future.
  • Protecting and maintaining Cultural practice and celebrations.
  • Creating safe places in our communities and bringing children, young people and families together to celebrate.


Make a change

Stand with us and become a change maker


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