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End of Year Appeal

The system is failing Aboriginal children, young people and their families in the Northern Territory. We can prevent this. Donate now and invest in the future of our children today.

End of Year Appeal
End of Year Appeal

We are really worried, all the grandmothers especially, about our young generation... They are the next generation, they are our future.

Leonie Palmer

Arrernte Elder, Great-Grandmother and Senior Cultural Adviser

Children's Ground, Central Australia


The system is failing our children, families and communities. With your support, we can prevent this. 

The Northern Territory has the highest rates of children and young people being removed from their families, being locked up and abused. Almost all of these children are Aboriginal. Our children are precious, they are our future. We must stop this. 

Children's Ground is about prevention. It is about the prevention to detention and creating the future and opportunities that all Australian children deserve.

We know that change is possible. We have the evidence and we are seeing this change every day.

The solutions lie within communities. If we start early with the generation born today and walk with them til they are big we won't just 'Close the Gap', we can prevent it from ever forming. 

Be part of this change by donating to Children's Ground. Invest in the prevention to detention and create a new future for the next generation of First Nations children.

How you can make a difference:

Gift Cards

In lieu of presents this year, give a gift with real impact. Pledge your support for First Nations families changing the future for the next generation of children in Central Australia and the Top End of the Northern Territory.

purchase a gift with impact now

Donate to Campaign

Make a direct impact on the lives of children and families and invest in the prevention to detention by donating to our end of year appeal.

Donate to Campaign

Shop at the Children's Ground Store

The Children's Ground Store is a new social enterprise aimed at providing local economic opportunities for families we work with. Tea towels, tote bags, greeting cards and Black Rock Band merch available, all with original designs from celebrated artists in the Top End.


Host a dinner for us

Bring people together and host a dinner for us to help change the future for the next generation of First Nations children and families.

host a dinner

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